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[audio]mon nom est omni-shadow-topia - omni-shadow-topia
a vocoder voice intro in french for the fruity club
Keywords: vocoder
Downloads: 51
[audio]vocoder pack 01 - omni-shadow-topia
here is a simple pack of vocoded voice i did all the voice there been vocoded using audacity 1.3.9
Keywords: vocoder
Downloads: 14
[audio]IUMA: Suicide Vocoder
Solo Project. Started just for the fact that I love making Techno-Alternative-Electro-Vocal-Industrial Music. Previously I started out with some of my friends on a 4 Piece band (me doing the guitar parts) doing some radical music kinda punk hardcore alternative which was very new stuff (just before all that grunge started )... since I discovered the Electronic Instruments I started using them, Then moved to another city and continued Solo with my stuff which is this.....
Keywords: Suicide Vocoder
Downloads: 19
[audio]Forever Today Tomorrow - AmpUT
This is another electronic track and my first vocal outing albeit vocoded.
Keywords: Electronica; Vocoder
Downloads: 71
[audio]Vocoder Example - Sean Pope
A little experiment with the Vocodex. I added a bit too much reverb, but ehh.
Keywords: Sean; Pope; Vocoder; Vocodex
Downloads: 22
[audio]Vocoder silliness - Donovan Bullock
I just learned how to use the Fruity Vocoder the other day and a friend asked for this.
Keywords: FL Studio Vocoder
Downloads: 23
[audio]noc noc ad - joel
synthesized voice ad for DJ MACHINATE's night at the NOCNOC.
Keywords: robot; electro; vocoder
Downloads: 124
[audio]tHe niGHt oWl - Retraveled b/w You Are Happy - 442-net7-06mar - tHe niGHt oWl
Musicians aren't allowed to present unbridled joy in their work if they wish to be taken seriously - that is one of the unwritten rules. So how do you make music that is unashamedly happy yet avoid the novelty basket? Heading to tHe niGHt oWl for pointers would be a good start. "Pick yourself up..." The 4-4-2 Music e-Single of the Month Club brings you a virtual 7" record every month featuring quirky oddities and genre escapees...
Keywords: electronic; techno; vocoder
Downloads: 4,414
[audio]Multi: An Experiment - w.x
Multi is two synthesizers with sequenced notes fed through a vocoder. Each track in this experiment follows this basic setup with added parameters and varying tempos. Most tracks add onto the previous one in two successive sequences: A and B.
Keywords: multi; synthesizer; vocoder; experimental
Downloads: 147
[audio]Steady Scrimpin' Song - R. Hucek
A song by the shrimps on the Shrimp Boat of Toppers, 8/21/2012.
Keywords: SCrimpin; Toppers. Vocoder; Crap
Downloads: 29
[audio]Mourn For The Queen - Solovox
The last track from the album 'Break Out Of Prism' by Portland, Oregon music producer Solovox
Keywords: Solovox; electronic; vocoder; synthesizer; chess
Downloads: 41
[audio]Lethiom - Asaguare
Minimal and experimental; featuring Fenix vocodered.
Keywords: ambient; experimental; minimal; vocals; vocoder
Downloads: 58
[audio]Again Again Repeat - Asaguare
Pretty much monotone Minimal Tribaltech. As the title says, you'll hear these words repeated again and again. Still this mantra is kind of entertaining because it comes in continuously varied filtered and processed flavours.
Keywords: dancefloor; minimal; electronica; vocals; vocoder
Downloads: 67
[audio]Each Other - Asaguare
Cute little Dance/Pop tune (lyrics/voice: Sue Tompkins). Actually starting as a test for some VST synths and vocoder fx, the arrangement turned out sounding so happy-moody that I had to mix it down.
Keywords: dancefloor; pop; vocoder; lyrics; english
Downloads: 47
[audio]Electrobros - The Pockets Set - Adam Wirdzek
A short live set. My first actually. It's not great, but it's not bad either I think. Have fun.
Keywords: dub; step; house; electrobros; wirdzek; vocoder
Downloads: 39
spring forward, mountain spring, spring roll
Keywords: pedal steel; guitar; vocoder; modern love
Downloads: 103
[unknown]Digital Lips - Robotic Mass
Keywords: electronica; electronic; alternative; experimental; netlabel; robot; vocoder
Downloads: 10
[audio]Jabberwocky with Vicki - Glenn Simonsen, Lewis Carroll
This is Lewis Carroll's poem as performed by Vicki. Vicki lives in my computer.
Keywords: Carroll; Lewis; poetry; Jabberwocky; synthesis; vocoder
Downloads: 134
[audio]My Side - JonBob
Keywords: D&B; breaks; vocoder; JonBob; Music
Downloads: 45
[audio]Sharkhi Maniac - Asaguare
Impish little club tune, dedicated to my buddy Nosrat Charkhi (aka Noston).
Keywords: dancefloor; disco; retro; electronica; minimal; vocals; vocoder
Downloads: 72
[audio]Trial & Error - Donny
A track using vocoder & looped beat.
Keywords: vocoder; trialanderror; t&e; TrailandError; Trial&Error
Downloads: 6
[audio]Fragile Heart - Redmann
Andrew "Redmann" Amery returns to his mellow, chilled style with "Fragile Heart", a melancholy but melodic downtempo vocoder track. Psychadelik Pedestrian is on the remix with a storming bass driven breakbeat monster.
Keywords: downtempo; chillout; vocoder; electronic; electronica; melodic
Downloads: 1,331
Spring time frolic, Spring Forward, Fresh Spring Rolls, Mountain Spring.
Keywords: Pedal Steel; Guitar; Vocoder; Modern Living
Downloads: 35
[texts]Korg DVP 1 Service Manual
Service manual for the Korg DVP-1 Vocal Processor. Includes schematic diagrams and calibration procedures.
Keywords: korg; dvp-1; dvp1; vocoder
Downloads: 3
[audio]Walking In the Rain - Zoe Blade
Ambient techno with a vocoded vocal, like a cross between Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works 85-92 and Moby's Play.
Keywords: Ambient techno; 100 BPM; C major; vocoder
Downloads: 381 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Every Time
Vocoded a cappella
Keywords: acappella; melody; vocoder; robot; c_major; 115bpm
Downloads: 127
[audio]Angelic Encounter - Gaeel (Feat. Morrigan)
A calm track. This track was born under the heavy influence of vodka and sleep deprivation. It was at the flat's pre-new years eve party, the computer was set up in the living room and everyone was asleep or had passed out. I was showing a friend some music stuff and started to bash a quick drumloop and the bell part out. Then Aurelie grabbed the mic and started improvising to the sound. I quickly added a few effects (reverb, delay and slight vocoder) and recorded a bit...
Keywords: Angelic; Encounter; female; voice; vocoder; vodka; sleep; birthday; Aurelie
Downloads: 195
[texts]BSTJ 19: 2. April 1940: Abstracts of Technical Papers by Bell System Authors .
Bell System Technical Journal, 19: 2. April 1940 pp 336-337. Abstracts of Technical Papers by Bell System Authors .
Keywords: barium; evaporation; measurements; optimum; instrumentalities; vocoder; thermionic; filament; abstracts; observed
Downloads: 22
[audio]Orange Sado - Asaguare
Ambient Industrial (Vocals/lyrics: Fenix) Discovered a Fenix poem named 'doormat' on my drive the other day. Having already started with a dark Electronica tune before, I thus arranged her poem (via vocoder) and integrated it into the draft, which led to a strange Industrial Pop fusion. The title came from my Electronica WIP, previously designed as a pure instrumental tune. I just didn't change the project's working title after having added Fenix.
Keywords: industrial; ambient; vocals; lyrics; english; vocoder; poem; poetry
Downloads: 55
[texts]Korg DVP 1 Factory Patches - Andy Lambert
All 64 factory patches for the Korg DVP-1 Vocal Processor (circa 1986).
Keywords: Korg; DVP1; DVP-1; DVP 1; Vocoder; Vocal Processor
Downloads: 22
[audio]Their Joy - Asaguare
Experimental Pop Found a nice little poem, written and spoken by Elaine Sharp. My first idea was to simply underlay some harmonic noises to create sort of weird Laurie Anderson soundscape. But of course it took its own direction... After assembling of some chords and accompaniment, I dared to mangle her via vocoder to obtain a sung melody as well. Lastly it mutated into a totally different thing, that's to say a structured song, albeit of quite a peculiar retro nature.....
Keywords: vocals; lyrics; english; poem; poetry; song; alternative; pop; experimental; vocoder
Downloads: 57
[audio]Glass Apple - Asaguare
Silken poetry setting. Vocals: Kayar Silkenvoice Lyrics: Pablo Neruda Translation: Margaret Sayers Peden
Keywords: alternative; synth; vocals; lyrics; spoken; english; poem; poetry; vocoder; chill
Downloads: 69
[audio]Peut Etr - Asaguare
Alternative Pop, based on the love poem 'Aimée' by MiElle who also performs the spoken verses. I thought it was time for something French; it's such a lovely language to listen to, isn't it? Female voice, lyrics: MiElle
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; french; poem; poetry; vocoder
Downloads: 153
[audio]Danse Macabre - Asaguare
Experimental Essay - spoken poem: 'Danse Macabre' by Charles Baudelaire. Found a nice recording of this Baudelaire-poem, read by a female French. Of course I had to process her performance via vocoder to make her kind of chant chords and match the musical background track (Saronni's version of 'colors shift'). I also inserted a couple of guitar melodies to create a bit more atmosphere.
Keywords: experimental; poem; poetry; vocals; spoken; french; vocoder; baudelaire
Downloads: 425
[audio]611 Main North Road - Asaguare
Minimal and contemplative flow of processed vocals over improvising drum and bass. Voice, lyrics: debizzo
Keywords: minimal; experimental; jazz; freejazz; vocals; voice; spoken; vocoder; chill
Downloads: 70
[audio]Apotheose - Asaguare
Chilling poetry setting. Our grand master of surrealism not only brushed his canvas, he also found time to write. Here's one of his essays, read by himself, garnished with vocoder and some cute ambience. Vocals: Salvador Dalí (Apothéose du Dollar, 1967)
Keywords: ambient; vocals; lyrics; spoken; french; poem; poetry; chill; dali; vocoder
Downloads: 399 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]True Knight In Me - Asaguare
My last work in 2009 was an experimental Gabba style tune, based on IGTBs poem 'The Knight'. Just couldn't resist in using these timeless words. Lyrics: IGTB
Keywords: alternative; progressive; dancefloor; vocals; lyrics; spoken; english; poem; poetry; vocoder
Downloads: 133
[audio]Remembrance - Fabian Kesler ( -
An experiment between India´s devotional chants, the vocoder to generate virtual choirs, pads and sitars I keep the circular aspect of this kind of music repeating the vocal phrase during all the song, but changing the bass and the harmony of the choir. To acquire the CD please contact me. More info in the âSound workâ section from my web page
Keywords: indian music; ethnic; minimal; mantra; vocoder; chill out; downtempo
Downloads: 300 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Crura Cerebri - Asaguare
Strange sparse vocal performance over deep rumbling noises. Part 11 in the 'Cranial Acres' series, a compilation of psychedelic and experimental sound installations.
Keywords: experimental; psychedelic; dark; drone; voice; vocoder; soundscape; noise
Downloads: 139
[audio]DevenGallo_WhatAMan - Patrick May
This is "Deven Gallo, what a man", a song about a man called Deven Gallo. It was made using a MIDI synth, a vocoder, some nonsense text and other text copied from somebody's personal website.
Keywords: deven gallo; midi; synth; vocoder; music; man; weird; strange; dusthillguy; patrick may
Downloads: 11
[audio]cscmost_VocoderTest002012 - Omni-Shadow-Topia
some testing once more with fl-studio vocoder not much chance to oget the deep robotic voice i wanted but still not bad the source is in the zip file included if you want to study it and send me feedback for it
Keywords: crazy shadow; chipchop; robot; robot voice; vocoder; test; fl-studio; experiment
Downloads: 13
[audio]Receptors - Everything Fades Away - gameboy variation - Jeremy Kolosine / Receptors
From 2004, GameBoy version using LSDJ cartridge and stylophonic vocoder
Keywords: Receptors; gameboy music; vocoder; LSDJ; 8-bit music; chiptunes; Jeremy Kolosine; Kolosine
Downloads: 27
[movies]DanStowell20070806_AdaptiveWhitening - Dan Stowell
We describe a new method for preprocessing STFT (Short-Time Fourier Transform) phase-vocoder frames for improved performance in real-time onset detection, which we term “adaptive whiteningâ€. The procedure involves normalising the magnitude of each bin according to a recent maximum value for that bin, with the aim of allowing each bin to achieve a similar dynamic range over time, which helps to mitigate against the influence of spectral roll-off and strongly-varying dynamics...
Keywords: real-time; music; research; informatics; MIR; onsets; onset detection; phase-vocoder; preprocessing
Downloads: 142
[audio]KIBO - Knowledge In Bullshit Out - KIBO
KIBO= .....the true wheel + ......................adhesion FIRST AAD OF KIBO Mapism. -the new art movement. ........composer/creator attempting to fully map out a mind and all of its idiosyncracies onto a certain medium/media ///digital music in this case./// this album is a map of john ./././././..........john has problems. central to mapism: ...rejection of traditional art principles ...rearrangement of ideas ...connection of media (connections of subconscious) ...everything is map recommend:...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Mapism; Industrial; Experimental; Noise; Vocoder; Crap Art; Album-A-Day
Downloads: 1,334
[audio]Raincloud - The Town Monster
Promotional single from the Columbus, Ohio band The Town Monster.
Keywords: raincloud; town monster; ohio sessions; february; indie; rain; cloud; vocoder; dance
Downloads: 46
[audio]cscmost_therobottestsound - omni-shadow-topia
this is a sound test to get a robotic voice that resemble that of some toys i remember the voice was pass in fl-studio with the buffer overide stereo plugin
Keywords: crasyS; crazy shadow; voice; vocal; vocoder; vocoding; robot voice; metalic; metalic voice
Downloads: 15
[audio]cscmost_vocoder_testing_01 - omni-shadow-topia
this is part of a vocoder recording made in fl-studio
Keywords: vocoder; vocoding; vocal; robot; robotic; voice modification; crazy shadow; omni-shadow-topia
Downloads: 120
[audio]Have Yourself A Modular Little Christmas - Christof Muñoz
Track List: 1 - Jump for Joy 2 - Silent and Well Tempered Night 3 - Reindeer Pause 4 - The Reploid Song 5 - Little Drummer Bolero 6 - Ave Maria 7 - The 12 Days of Christmas 8 - Deck the Halls with Joy Gag Synthesizer Christmas CD for fun and entertainment, connected to as a special gag Christmas gift to blog readers. All music arranged and at times performed by Christof Muñoz, and all synthesizer sounds generated by patches created by Christof Muñoz using Studio Factory sof...
Keywords: no; music; tuesdays; nomusictuesdays; synthesizer; cheesy; wacky; robot; vocoder; reploid; christmas; carol
Downloads: 64
[audio]Adhesion - Auf Deutsch Bitte - Adhesion
The seventh release and fourth Album-A-Day from electronic musician Adhesion. Meant as a German album, all of the titles and samples are in German, although there is no real German singing. Genres include downtempo, techno, ambient and gregorian chant. Made on December 20th/21st, 2005 according to the rules of the Album-A-Day project. More info:
Keywords: Ambient; Album-A-Day; Evil Residence Records; Downtempo; Electronic; Experimental; Techno; German; Vocoder; Gregorian Chant
Downloads: 4,244
[audio]Beyond the end of the world 2013 - David Arranz (qenene)
Theme composed in 2013 by David Arranz
Keywords: qenene; david arranz; beyond; end of the world; music; rock; robot; robotic; vocoder
Downloads: 8
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